The Central Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization (CA RADO) was established by National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and Government representatives with the assistance of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Our Vision:

Value and foster doping free sport in Central Asia. Our Mission:

To promote and co-ordinate the fight against doping in sport in all its forms in Central Asia. Our Core Values:


We are impartial, objective, equitable and balanced. We avoid improper influences or conflicts of interest that would undermine our independent and unbiased judgement.

Ethical approach

We will conduct our activities in accordance with the highest standards of ethical behavior. We will develop policies, procedures and practices that reflect justice, equity and integrity.


We will conduct our activities in accordance with principles of transparency and accountability.


We will adopt a professional approach when conducting business for and on behalf of the RADO.

Best Practice

We will benchmark off and apply best practice standards to all our activities.


We will develop innovative and practical solutions to assist all countries and sporting organizations in Central Asia to implement effective anti-doping programs.

Strategic Objectives:

Objective 1: EDUCATION

To assist and coordinate education initiatives among member countries, regional organizations and international organizations


All members of the Central Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organisation have robust anti-doping education programs in place.


Inform member countries and stakeholders of the importance of developing anti-doping education. Ensure the implementation of outreach programs at regional CA Games to educate athletes and support personnel about doping-free sport. Adopt WADA's anti-doping education templates for implementation in CA RADO countries. Develop programs that provide youth in general and in schools education on the ethical values of clean sport. Develop effective partnerships with relevant authorities to promote ethical values of sport and doping-free sport in Central Asia Assist countries and sporting organizations to educate athletes and support personnel about the values of doping-free sport.

Performance Indicatiors:

A CA RADO anti-doping symposium held within the period of the four-year strategic plan. An Outreach program is implemented at every CA Games. All CA RADO countries' elite athletes, junior athletes are educated about doping-free sport. Partnerships achieved to broaden the reach of anti-doping programs and educational messages.


To assist with the implementation of effective doping control programs to prevent, deter and detect the use of doping in sport in Central Asia.


An effective prevention, deterrence and detection doping control program that is coordinated among countries in Central Asia by/through the Regional Anti-Doping Organization.


Develop effecting Doping Control Officer Training to ensure sample collection is carried out in accordance with the International Standard for Testing. Develop Doping Control Officer accreditation and re-accreditation processes. Develop mechanisms to ensure the effective coordination and implementation of in and out of competition testing programs in Central Asia countries with the support of each country's National Programs. Promote and implement effective coordination of testing programs with all relevant stakeholders, including sport federations and major games organizers. Develop and maintan a Therapeutic Use Exemption mechanism Develop and maintain mechanisms and committees to review and process results and sanctions applied from hearings and/or appeals in accordance with the World Anti-Dop0ing Program Establish a regional deatabase of Doping Control Officers for recoommendation to other major games organizing committees.

Performance Indicators:

Development of comprehensive doping control programs in all Central Asian countries. Effective in and out of competition testing occurring in Central Asian countries. Ongoing accreditation, evaluation and re-accreditation of Doping Control Officers. Committees established to review results, Therapeutic Use Exemptions and conduct hearings.


To provide assistance, guidance and leadership to Central Asia countries in the establishment of their National Anti-Doping Program and respective compliance to the World Anti-Doping Code.


All countries in Central Asian have established Code-Compliant, National Anti-Doping Organizations.


Develop a plan to assist counties with the establishment of a National Anti-Doping Organization. Develop mechanism to assist countries in implmenting anti-doping regulations to facilitate anti-doping programs.

Performance Indicators:

All countries have anti-doping regulations in place and adopted by all sports within their respective countries All countries have an established National Anti-Doping Organization that effectively coordinate doping control activities with the Central Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization


To communicate the importance of CA RADO anti-doping initiatives internationally and within CA RADO countries.


A culture where all Central Asian countries' governments, National Olympic Committees, sporting organizations, athletes, support personnel and media believe that anti-doping programs effectively prevent, deter and detect doping in sport.

Establish credibility of anti-doping initiatives in CA Asia.


Develop strong partnerships with governments, National Olympic Committees, sporting organizations, athletes, support personnel and media. Develop and implement effective regional and internation communication strategy. Develop mechanism to inform governments, National Olympic Committees, sporting organizations, athletes and support personnal and media of the activities of the Regional Anti-Doping Organization.

Performance Indicators:

An electronic newsletter to be circulated internationally and to all member countries on a bi-annual basis. Regularly updated CA RADO web site.


To ensure the long term relevance and sustainability of the Central Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization.


The Central Asian Regional Anti-Doping Organization remains an effective and relevant partner to all member countries.


Ensure and effective and well supported RADO office. Develop mechanisms to obtain additional funding from strategic partners to assist with the funding of the Regional Anti-Doping Organization. Develop a plan for countries to contribute to anti-doping and the success of the Regional Anti-Doping Organization. Timely reviews of the Strategic Plan to ensure alignment with the global anti-doping movement.

Performance Indicators:

The RADO office has a full time staff person The RADO office communicates regularly with member countries, regional and international organizations

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